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Make the best of your lock repair efforts with these fresh ideas and locksmith tips. You'll be a winner.

Repair lock problems

Don't let lock problems create security problems. The smallest problem with the mechanism or the strike plate and the bolt will keep you from securing the door locks properly. Apart from a house lockout, you might find that the door won't lock at all one day and our specialists say that this will compromise your home security.

Prepare for the new age

The new age doesn't include keys and that's good news for those who lose them. Keyless door locks are electronic and biometric. You will have to use personal identifications to enter your home or enter a code. You should try these new age security door locks by installing one at a door to see how it goes.

44 Make an exit routine to avoid a car lockout

Create an exit strategy that you will use habitually to avoid a car lockout. In this highly advanced world of ours, people have several options locking their car doors, which sometimes results in being locked out. To ensure that you and your keys are on the same side, use a pattern when getting out of the car and locking the door.

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