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How do electronic locks work?

Electronic door locks work with passwords. Most of them do not have keys. They are completely keyless and have LED buttons according to our technicians. You program a four digit code and enter it in order to gain access to your property. Each electronic lock can hold from a few to many different codes.

Is the condition of the door important for my security?

It's important to have good security door locks but if the door itself is in bad condition, sags to the side or ruined and rotted, you won't be able to lock it. Make sure the hinges are tightened and the door's not hollow because it could get kicked down easily by perpetrators.

What are the “do not duplicate” keys?

The “do not duplicate” keys are meant to ensure security in case the current house keys are found in the wrong hands. In this case, someone might easily duplicate the keys in order to break-in. With these types of keys, only you will have the authority to make duplicates according to our specialists in Duvall.

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