Lost Your Keys Again

Lost Your Keys Again

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Forgetting where you placed your home keys or getting locked out of your car are surprisingly common scenarios. People are more careless about keys than they should be, when they actually should be in proper safekeeping. Just imagine what would happen if your home keys get in the hands of unscrupulous individuals who will use the keys to break into your home.

Lost Your Keys AgainThe same thing holds true for your car, which can be stolen in an instant if your keys get in the wrong hands. The good news is that with the help of key tags, you can be identified as the owner of the keys, if you lost it somewhere and honest Samaritans will return it to you as the owner.

How to Tag Your Home or Car Keys

Take a look at the top two ways that you can tag your home or car keys:

By attaching a label tag on the key

First, attach a label tag on the set of keys that you have. These tags are like the IDs for your set of keys. You can write down your name and contact information on the tag so that in case your keys do get lost, they can easily be returned to you as the owner.

By using a lock-it tag

There are also tags which can easily be locked into the keys. To remove them, metal cutters need to be used so they are more secure than regular label tags.

Easy and simple to use, yet you could still consult with a professional from locksmith Duvall to help you out of a locked-in dilemma. In case you lost your car or home keys, your contact information will be indicated on the set of keys through the label tag so you can easily be contacted to have the keys returned.

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